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Essay on Taiwan Trip

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Essay on South Taiwan Trip, English Composition Writing on Taiwan Trip

Last Tuesday, my mother’s company had a trip to Southern Taiwan and I went with her. I was so
happy that I can go to Southern Taiwan, and so was my mother.

On the first day of the trip, we went to Chen Lake Mountain Amusement Park and we had a wonderful
time. We continued to Kaohsiung and went to visit the night market. The following day, we went to
Kenting National Park and enjoyed ourselves in the ocean. We visited another night market again,
but this one is bigger than the last one. When we were on the way home, my mother told me that she
would like to go to Southern Taiwan again in the Chinese New Year.

She also said that she likes the hotel in Kenting, because it is very comfortable. I think this is a good way
to relax. I like to go to Kenting again with my mom. Southern Taiwan is a very good place to visit.




Trip to Southern Taiwan



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Essay on South Taiwan Trip, English Composition Writing on Taiwan Trip, Example and Sample Essay