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NBA Essay, English Composition Writing on NBA, Example NBA Essay, Sample NBA Essay

This is my second essay, and I will write about the NBA basketball teams that I like and those that I don't like.
My favorite team is New Jersey Nets, even though they didn't play very well in the play off game. I am confident that they will perform better in the next season.

Jason Kidd is one of my favorite players in the NBA, and I think he is the best back fielder because no one is better than him. In the beginning of the 2004 season, New Jersey Nets exchanged some players with other teams. One of them is called Martin, who is a good player, too.

I don't like L.A. Lakers because I think they are too arrogant, although they really did well in the 2004 game. I don't like Kobe Bryant the most. I think basketball is a game that requires team spirit, and not just one person should try to dominate the game. It is disappointing to me that many people like him.

I think NBA is a good TV program. I have learned many basketball skills from watching that program. We have one famous basketball team in Taiwan, but it is worse than the NBA teams.

By the way, do you watch the NBA? Which team is your favorite?


Essay on NBA 

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NBA Essay, English Composition Writing on NBA, Example NBA Essay, Sample NBA Essay