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Movies Essay, English Composition Writing on Movies, Essay Example on Movies

This is my third essay. There are many kinds of movies, like action movies, comedies, romance and so on. I like war movies the most, because war movies educate us about the horrors of war.

Military confrontation is the worst way to resolve differences between countries. There are movies about the two world wars. I like them too, they taught me how the wars started, and how they ended. I like action movies, too. Action movies always make me feel excited and it's very interesting towatch action movies. My favorite movie is "Saving Private Ryan". The story talks about America's war with Germany.

An American almost lost all his brothers in the war, and the American government wanted to let his mother have at least one son. So they put together a platoon of soldiers to save her remaining son, Ryan.

There are many war movies in the world, but I like this the most because this movie is a little heart-warming.

Teacher, do you like to watch movies? Which kind of movies do you like the most ?


Movies Essay


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Movies Essay, English Composition Writing on Movies, Essay Example on Movies